A Brief Study About Non Fusible Woven Interlinings

Non Fusible Woven Interlinings

Interlining is a kind of accessory that is very crucial in the manufacturing of apparel. It is used in between two layers of fabric in a garment to keep the different parts of the clothes in the preferred shape with the help of fusing or sewing. It is generally prepared with nylon; cotton; wool; polyester and viscose.

Types of interlinings depending on the application

There are basically two types of interlinings that are given below:

  • Non fusible woven interlinings: This non-fusible woven interlining is used in between the two-layer of garments without any pressure and heat. It is also known as sewn interlining.
  • Fusible woven interlining: This fusible woven interlining is the most widely used interlining which is used in between the two layers of the garments with the help of heat and pressure.

Uses of Non-Fusible Woven Interlining

The non-fusible woven interlining is used in numerous special fields of applications. Some of them are given below:

  • It is used in the attire of flame retardant.
  • This interlining is made for those people who work in fire service.
  • It is specially designed to use in machines like embroidery.
  • This interlining is also made for those people who work in mills of re-rolling.
  • It is used for making safety apparel.

Benefits of using non fusible woven interlinings

There are various benefits of using non fusible woven interlinings. Some of them are given below:

  • It helps in making garments of flame retardant.
  • This technique is very simple and easy.
  • For manufacturing the non-fusible woven interlining, there is no requirement of elaborate machine.
  • This type of interlining can be used in the steel industry or highly hearted industry.

Limitations of non-fusible woven interlining

There are various limitations of using non-fusible woven interlining. Some of them are given below:

  • This type of lining is not suitable for use in large production. Therefore, while using it, keep this thing in mind that the usage of this interlining must be accomplished in the small production.
  • This interlining is not available easily in the market. You need to give an order for the preparation of this. But from us, you will easily get it.
  • For using this interlining more duration of time is required as it consumes more time. Therefore, use it when you have sufficient time required by it.
  • It requires high labour costs. Thus, use this lining when you will able to afford it for small production with high labour cost because the workload required by this lining is very high.

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