Leading Producers of Interlining Fabrics in India

Interlining Fabric Manufacturers in India

Talreja Textiles is a renowned sewing company based in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have been dealing with Interlining Fabrics in India for the past many years. Talreja Textiles has in store diverse range of products that cater to the needs and expectations of discerning customers. Owing to their expertise in various types of projects including Interlining Fabrics in India, the majority of the acclaimed professionals approach them. A major highlight concerning Talreja Textiles is that they deliver maximum output without compromising quality within a stipulated time.

Interlining Fabrics in India is an accessory that is placed in between the dual layers of fabric. This process is essential to make sure that each component of particular apparel maintains the desired shape. It is also helpful in enhancing the aesthetic appearance. In general, Interlining Fabrics India is a strong, soft and pliable fabric that is made out of polyester, wool, nylon, cotton and viscose. Out of which there are quite a few that is plastered with various types of resins.

Some of the major types of interlinings that are commonly used in the field of garment production are mentioned below:

  • Fusible
  • Non-Fusible

Interlinings are cautiously picked to ensure that they could withstand various situations during the production process. Moreover, it is maintained properly. Soon after the completion and testing of garments, they are packed and delivered to the retailers or directly sold to the valued customers.

Functions of Interlining Fabrics India

  • To hold up the garments
  • To preserve the shape of a contour
  • To fortify the components of a garment
  • To enhance the aesthetic appearance of a garment
  • To improve the overall performance of a garment

Uses of Interlining Fabrics India

  • Interlining materials are commonly utilized in waistband, jackets, blazers, cuffs and outwear plackets.
  • There is a vast difference in the usage of intricate interlining for tailor-made garments
  • Interlinings like collars or cuffs are often placed in a garment panel. This is applicable in the case of a blouse, lightweight jackets, coats, skirts, and attires.

Interlining plays a pivotal role especially during the design process of a garment and smoothening of its contours. Today, interlinings are readily available in a diverse range of shapes, weights to tie up with the attributes of standard fabrics.

On the contrary, non-woven interlinings are designed out of fibers and it is secured via mechanical, chemical or thermal means. In certain circumstances, a unique blend of the above-mentioned methods is applied. Polyester is a fiber that is commonly utilized for nonwoven interlinings to deliver supple handle.


Talreja Textile Industries Private Limited is a non-Govt company that came into operation in the year April, 1st 1980. It is one of the accomplished sewing companies who are specialized in the field of Interlining Fabrics India. One of their primary objectives is to build a strong customer base across the globe and achieve customer satisfaction by delivering the products at the right time.

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