Best Service Providers of Garment Interlinings in India

Service Providers of Garment Interlinings

Talreja Textiles was established with a purpose to serve the professionals of various garment industries. The company takes pride in being one of the leading service providers of superior quality Garment Interlinings in the city of Mumbai. They are well known for the production and supply of dyed interlinings, non-fusible interlinings, cotton fusible interlining, and Arabic Thobe interlining.

The ultimate objective of Talreja Textiles is to offer top quality fabrics along with Garment Interlinings to large scale and medium scale manufacturing companies. They have opened additional branches across all parts of India.

Garment Interlining is a non-woven fabric that places additional structure and body within garment components such as button plackets, cuffs, waistbands, and collars. The durability of interlining is highly essential for the design and manufacture of Garment Interlining. Fusible interfacings are most likely to get wrinkled and lack uniformity.

Therefore, it has to undergo certain tests to determine their performance and flaws including cracks, delamination, and bubbling.

A major setback concerning fusible interfacing is that it is vulnerable to adhesive bleeding triggering darker spots over the external surface. It is popularly known by the name strike-through.

Fusible interlining is examined in detail to determine its capacity to remain intact with the fashion fabric. It is also monitored for shrinkage and compatibility that displays fair drapability and backing of the fabric.

Temperature, timing, and pressure are three crucial parameters that have to be chosen carefully to eliminate inappropriate attachment of garment interlinings.

Fusible interlinings are capable of avoiding and lowering issues regarding seam pucker. A standard fabric containing traces of thermoplastic adhesive resin and can be attached to other fabrics via the heat and pressure process. If in case fusing is not handled in an appropriate manner, there are chances of discoloration and shrinkage on the external surface of a fabric.

Garment interlinings must be in tune with the shell fabric to ensure optimal appearance and drape. Fusible interlinings differ concerning standard fabric composition, structure as well as the type of finish and adhesive. Today, you have plenty of options to pick from a range of fusible interlining suppliers. It is quite a difficult process in choosing the accurate fusible interlining for a particular shell fabric and a diverse range of shell fabrics.

At present, most of the professional companies have set a pre-defined guideline on choosing fusible interlinings. Trial and Error method was one of the conventional ways in selecting an authentic interlining fabric. However, most of the issues concerning usage and selection of fusible interlining can be averted if manufacturing companies cooperate with the suppliers of interlining by picking up appropriately fusible and perform pre-production testing to make sure there is consistent performance.


Talreja Textiles is an accomplished sewing company headquartered at Mumbai, Maharashtra. They have gained years of experience in the field of producing interlining fabrics and one of the reliable companies you could rely upon. The company has in store a team of highly skilled and trained professionals.

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