A Brief Study About Woven Interlinings

Overview of Woven Interlinings

Woven interlining is a type of fusible interlining. It is used in actual woven fabrics. The nature of this fabric is flexible and light and that is why it is used by the designers.

Interlining is defined as an addition of an extra lining between the two plies of fabric through sewing or fusing to keep the apparel or garment in the desired shape. For example – A shirt without interlining won’t be in the desired shape because of no hardness and it will not look beautiful or attractive. The fabric used for interlining should be thick, soft and flexible.

Main Functions of Interlining

  • Interlining helps in maintaining the desired shape of the garment.
  • It helps in reinforcing the components of the garment.
  • It provides stability and hardness, enhancing the quality hence, enhances its life.
  • It helps in making the garment more attractive and beautiful.

There are two methods through which interlining can be done. These are:

  • Non-fusible interlining
  • Fusible interlining

Non-fusible interlining

In non-fusible interlining, an extra lining is attached between the two plies of fabrics through sewing without the use of any heat and pressure. The fabrics interlined through the non-fusible method are not ready to use. Fusing time is more in this type of process. This type of process is used in making fire retardant clothes. Non-fusible interlining is done in the clothes that are made for fire services people or the people that are working in mills.

Fusible interlining

Fusible interlining is a process in which an extra lining is added between the two components of fabric by the application of heat and pressure. They are used to provide the structure to the fabric and reinforce the components of the fabric. This process can be used for all types of apparel and are ready to wear. This process is widely used because of the high production, less fusing time, cheap, Outstanding performance and are ready to wear.

There are different types of fusible interlining that are based on their nature are:

  1. Woven fusible interlining: This interlining is utilized for the actual woven fabrics. Woven interlinings is a fabric and known for its flexible and light nature. This fabric is generally used by designers.
  2. Non-woven fusible interlining: This type of fabric is used in handbags and purses
  3. Double-sided fusible interlining: It is used in making jeans material.
  4. Decorative fusible interlining: It helps in making apparel more stylish and unique.
  5. Quilted fusible interlining: It helps to add quilting in a piece.

Woven interlining is a type of fusible interlining and is used in actual woven fabrics. The nature of this fabric is flexible and light and that is why it is used by the designers. You can purchase woven interlinings from We are a reputed and well-recognized name in the fusible interlining manufacturing. We provide the best quality of 100% cotton interlinings. You should choose us because we provide quality-oriented products, pocket-friendly products, fast and quick delivery, a widespread distribution channel. Our foremost aim is customer satisfaction.

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