Fusible Interlinings

Talreja Textiles Industries Pvt. Ltd is a prominent textile mill located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It came into operation back in the year April 1st, 1980 and duly registered at Registrar of companies. The company is actively involved in weaving, spinning, and finishing products. They have in store a diverse range of merchandise that caters to the expectations of discerning customers. However, they lay special emphasis on the production of fusible interlinings.

Top-Quality Fusible Interlinings for Producing Handicraft Products​

Fusible interlining is a type of interlining that is placed within a garment component through heat and pressure process and it is repeated for a certain period. It is broadly classified into six types namely.

Types of Fusible Interlining

Let’s take a look at these fusible interlinings in detail and its use:

PVC Coated fusible Interlining is best suited to design coat-based garments and is sometimes leveraged as a resin coating. PVC Coated is also meant for washable garments and dry cleaning. 

PVA Coated fusible Interlining is utilized as a resin coating. However, it cannot be dried up and has a restricted washing ability. Minimum pressure and temperature are essential to be incorporated in leather-based products. However, it is seldom utilized by garment manufacturing industries. Nowadays, the resins are readily available in a plasticizing coating of standard fabrics.

Polyethylene coated fusible Interlining are also utilized as a resin coating. Variations in the density of a resin offer optimal resistance to dry-cleaning solvents. Besides, this type of interlining possesses a maximum softening point with enhanced elasticity. They are best suited for cuffs of shirts and collars. Those fabrics secured against Polyethylene coated interlining can be thoroughly cleansed. 

Polyester coated interlinings are exclusively designed for washable dry cleanable garments. Moreover, it is utilized as a resin coating since it is not absorbed by the water when compared to polyamide. This type of interlining can be incorporated into various types of garments. One of the setbacks concerning Polyester coated interlining is that it is sold at an exorbitant rate in the market.

Poly Amide Coated Interlining is also used as a resin coating for dry-cleaning solvents. An extreme temperature fusing is carried out for garments that could be washed at a temperature not exceeding sixty degrees.

Poly Propylene Coated Interlining shares similar features to that of a Polyethylene coated fusible Interlining. A very high-temperature fusing is executed here. Fabrics that are secured against this type of interlining can be cleansed using water.

Fusible interlinings deliver the exact outlook of apparel as the application process is simple. A major highlight concerning this type of interlining is that it is available at a cheaper rate in the market.


Talreja Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd is an accomplished textile company based in Maharashtra. They have gained years of experience in the field of producing interlinings. It is one of the preferred manufacturing industries by professionals residing in and around the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

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