Shirt Interlining

Brief Guide to Interlining

Brief Guide to Interlining

Interlining is an important part of apparel manufacturing. Probably that’s the reason we can see various Interlining manufacturers in the market. In simple words, Interlining is an accessory used between two plies of fabric so that the cloth can be in shape. The interlinings are found to be flexible, soft and thick. At times, one may have to resort to finishing improving the overall properties.

Different Functions of Interlinings:

1) It acts as a support to the garment

2) It improves the garment performance

3) It ensures the quality, effect and anticipated look of the fabric.

4) It maintains the shape of the garment

5) It makes the apparel attractive and beautiful

6) It affects the components of cloth in a good way

What are the uses of Interlinings?

Interlining manufacturers are found to do interlinings in places like outwear jackets, facing of coat, blazers, and much more.

What are the different types of Interlinings?

There are mainly two types of interlining and they are :

1) Sewn Interlining
2) Fusible Interlining

Sewn Interlining

This is more like a traditional approach where between two layers of fabrics, interlining is used without any kind of pressure and instead directly applied by sewing.


  • A very easy and simple technique
  • Can be used in highly hearted or steel industry
  • To make flame retardant garments


  • There’s the quite high workload
  • The labor costs also go quite high
  • It’s not steadily available in the market
  • The quality is not that good
  • It requires a lot of time

Fusible Interlining:

The most common recommended and used interlining is Fusible interlining. Here, the case is opposite! Between the two layers of fabric, interlining is used by applying pressure and heat. Generally this interlining can be found in the “Bespoke garment” or “Ready to wear”.


  • The fusible interlining can get good similarities among the apparel
  • The time required for fusing is a lot less
  • The output is pretty amazing
  • The application process is literally easy
  • It’s cheap to a good extent
  • Easily found in the market


  • It requires high temperature
  • At the time of attaching interlining, a lot of extra care has to be taken into account.


In the first sight, you may feel that it’s quite difficult to understand the world of interlinings but that’s not at all true. Through this article, we wanted to cover the main and basic knowledge of interlinings in the brief. For further detailed information, you can reach out to Talco Fuse anytime.

If you are confused to choose between Interlining manufacturers then your search ends here. Talco Fuse is one of the most old and reputed organization in the world of apparels. If you ever feel to deal with us, just contact us using any of given contact method that suits you. If the article helped you, then share it with your friends and for any more suggestions drop a comment below.

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